Founded in 1998, Freeside is the student run and managed Linux Cluster at the University of Hull filling a need for students to gain hands on Linux experience in a collaborative production environment where experimentation is encouraged and breaking systems is a learning experience, not a crisis. Freeside is also the long running computer science related student group on Campus with a history spanning nearly 25 years.

Freeside retains a lab in Robert Blackburn which students can access by going to RBB-300. Several Linux based machines are available for use and we actively encourage students and members to use the lab for projects, collaboration and learning. A university ID card is required for access to the lab and it is off limits to the wider public.

Whilst not mandatory, students can become a member of Freeside. There are many benefits of doing so including gaining knowledge and experience (e.g. system administration / coding experience), networking and career opportunities, social events / weekly virtual meet ups and access to the Freeside lab. Of course, the best benefit is that Freeside is completely free to join!

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During your time as a Freeside member, you will have the opportunity to contribute to projects which underpin Freesides core networking infrastructure including vital systems which underpin our membership and access control mechanisms. You will also have the opportunity to contribute to public facing Open-Source projects such as hullblogs.com, freeside.co.uk and the student resource list or propose and create your own project. Similarly, you could join other members working with organisations such as HullCSS and HUUGS (Hull University Gaming Society) on a variety of projects, including managing Freeside hosted Minecraft Servers or hosting joint events.

Following Graduation, you will remain part of the Freeside community as one of our valued Alumni where you will have the opportunity to be featured on our Alumni Showcase and keep contributing to Freesides public facing Open-Source Projects, mentor student members and take part in meet-ups.


Freeside members gave a talk as part of Freshers events in 2020 about the benefits of Linux and Open Source technology. The talk is available to view below and gives an interesting insight from members across different levels of study.

Valued Members

Members featured below have contributed to Freeside's history or development in a significant manner. We feature them here as recognition and as a token of gratitude.

Brian Tompsett

Eur Ing Brian Tompsett

Founding Member

Stack Exchange

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Mike Brayshaw

Dr. Michael Brayshaw

Founding Member

Andy Hancock

Andrew Hancock

Freeside MVP

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Experts Exchange

Freeside is a student run project at the University of Hull.

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