News and updates from the Freeside team.

Special Delivery!

We received a phone call this morning from a freight company, letting us know they had a delivery for us. We were most excited as a HGV pulled into the courtyard outside Robert Blackburn, containing our package. It looked a little lonely being one of the two (rather small) remaining items in the behemoth of a delivery vehicle! The delivery Read More

Servers, Coffee, Mugs and more

So this past week has been a rather eventful one. A lot of progress has been made in getting our service online! Firstly, the whole Freeside Cluster was rebuilt over the weekend, due to an issue with our SAN causing huge IO Wait on one of our nodes. It was determined the best way to repair this was to reimage, Read More

Welcome to Freeside

Welcome! Freeside is a Linux Cluster run by students at the University of Hull. We're currently in the process of rebuilding and upgrading the old infrastructure to replace it with the latest software and some new hardware. We plan to offer a whole range of services to students for free. These include: Web Hosting Virtual Machines IRC Servers Web Servers Read More